Raging Bull Online Casino Presents Keno Specialty Game

If you enjoy playing the lottery and even bingo, then keno is also for you. This popular game is really easy to play, so open at account at Raging Bull Casino to try this game out today.

Keno Made Clear for Beginners

On a keno card there are 80 numbers and you have to choose 15. The game then randomly selects 15 numbers; the winning numbers you’ve picked will be highlighted in yellow, numbers you didn’t choose will be crossed out with an X.



How to Start Playing Keno

1. Hover over the numbers and click on the ones you want

2. Choose up to 15 numbers on the keno card or click Quick Pick to automatically have the numbers chosen for you

3. To deselect a number, simply click on it or press Clear to remove the entire selection

4. Click Play 1, Play 5, or Play 10 to play 1, 5, or 10 games in succession using your chosen numbers

Keno screenshot


Payouts on Keno

Major Moolah payout: $20, 000

Maximum Payour: $50,000

Number of consecutive games: 1, 5 or 10

Screenshot Capture: YES

Help Tab: YES

Quick Pick: YES